care-dev-circle-groupMUSIC IS OUR WEAPON is a Texas-based 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to increasing emotional, physical, and mental well-being through the power of music. Music Is Our Weapon’s efforts are divided into two areas of focused impact Music Care Projects and Music Development Projects.


Music Is Our Weapon’s MUSIC CARE PROJECTS take advantage of the latest digital music technology in conjunction with volunteer driven Music Discovery Outings in order to connect and deliver relevant music to individuals living in various care environments. We equip caregivers with the tools and support necessary to serve those in need with access to the music they love, while simultaneously collecting data to further understand the power of music as medicine.


Music Is OurWeapon’s MUSIC DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS are are dedicated to life enrichment tailored toward inspiring youth through music and philanthropy. We take these projects in on a case by case basis in order to achieve results specifically geared to fit the scope of each individual project.



Music Hoarder. Story Junkie. Community Enthusiast. Passion Instigator. Curiosity Connoisseur.

JP Maloney

Co-Founder | Executive Director

Architect. Artist. Curator.

Music Advocator & Activator.

Ashley Brightwell

Co-Founder | Artistic Director

Implementation Specialist. Organizer. Doorway Discoverer. Task Regulator.

Lauren Reise

Volunteer Coordinator