Treating the Heart & Soul

In various care facilities across the United States, Music Is Our Weapon mobilizes the latest technology needed to provide sentimental music in care environments. The goal is to provide a carefully curated collection of music that touches an individuals heart and past. Personalized playlists are utilized to enhance the cognitive development and emotional care in these care environments.


We activate our willing volunteers through Music Discovery Outings. These outings give volunteers a chance to engage 1-on-1 with a resident. Both parties listen to the same music in hopes of finding the music that instigates a positive, emotional reaction.



Our Equipment Suite consists of:

  • Smartphone
  • Spotify Premium Account and/or Pandora One Account
  • Headphones
  • Auxiliary Splitters (for simultaneous listening)
  • Storage and Charging Solutions


MIOW Spotify Playlists

Each tablet will be subscribed to all of the Music Is Our Weapon Spotify playlists, including ‘Best of Decades, Many Genres and Most Popular Artists.’  These playlists offer a great launching point for overall music discovery.

Endless Songs

Spotify opens the door to an extremely extensive music selection. An individuals favorite artists, albums is just a search away.

Unlimited Playlists

The amount of playlists one can create is completely open ended. With Spotify, a playlist can be as extensive as needed.

Music Discovery Outlets

Spotify has a browsing feature where one can access their large collection of previously curated playlists based on genres and moods. Also, radio stations can be created based off of a song, artist, album or playlist.

Offline Capabilites

WiFi is needed to search for songs/artists, but Spotify offers an ‘offline’ feature that allows you to play any playlist if an internet connection is not available.