About This Project



As part of a student project Gladys Fuentes of Houston reached out to us about implementing Personalized Music at Ben Taub Psychiatric Clinic in Houston, Texas. Both the OT department and Music Is Our Weapon share the belief that music can be beneficial to a patient’s mental health. The project would benefit the inpatient psychiatric patients by providing a source of music in both group and individual settings. The OT department has agreed to provide staff surveys for a 6 month period to see how the equipment is being used and evaluate the response from staff. Research from this case study will be used to help further understand how we can positively affect a variety of mental illness through music.


The inpatient psychiatric unit consists of 20 beds serving acutely ill adult patients with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depression among other psychiatric disorders. Patients participate in OT group activities/group discussions, psychology groups, nursing groups, spirituality group and now a case study music group.