SJS Service Learning Program

About This Project

In the Spring of 2015, we worked with St. John’s Episcopal School to incorporate Music Is Our Weapon’s service into their annual Service Learning Project. There were six non-profits chosen to be a part of this project and St. John’s 8th graders were then split up into teams to account for each non-profit. They were given 10 weeks to strategize how they make an impact. They were also asked to document it in some way, shape or form. The goal of this program was to expose these young adults to serious issues and needs in our community as well as expose them to a world that they hadn’t necessarily been in.


Music Is Our Weapon’s group decided to not only take on our program, but also incorporated Spotify into the Music Discovery Outing. This has now evolved into what our program is today. Our group was also full of musicians and this gave us an outlet to open their eyes to the real power of music. Not only did they work directly with resident’s to discover music, but they also performed live during multiple visits.