Orlando/Dallas-based, Siren Sea, just released their latest album, Paradise, gushing with stirring vocals and moody noir pop. MIOW got the opportunity to ask the talented duo some questions. Check out how the two band members met and more below!

Describe your journey making your album, Paradise.

The journey was crazy, but life is all about the journey and not about the destination, so we just rode the wave until the end, wherever it took us.

We started out songwriting and recording in Sweden, and doing production work in Warsaw, Poland. Early on during mixing on we had to make some tough calls, as we were right smack in the middle of an overseas move at the time, but it’s ended with us slowly piecing together a dream team of sorts, between friends here in Orlando, FL, Dallas, TX, and in New York, NY.

The end product is what you hear now, moody noir-pop that finds it’s inspiration from all corners of the world.

There are two band members in Siren Sea, Reema and Niklas, how did you two meet and decide to be in a band together?

Nik and I first crossed paths through the local music scene in Dallas. I was singing in recording sessions for other songwriters (including songwriters for Kelly Clarkson, Demi Lovato, Sony Records, etc) for a time, but eventually I realized I was longing to write my own material. I ran into Nik and loved how he created this beautiful texture with his guitar work, so I asked if he wanted to compose with me, and the whole project was spawned from there.

How would you describe your music to someone that hasn’t heard it before?

Moody noir pop. Lots of delay and reverb!

Your band name is Siren Sea, what inspired that name?

The name Siren Sea is a nod to our love of ocean-inspired reverb and delay and wave-like rhythm.

Who has been the most intrinsic person in making your career happen and how?

Honestly, I can’t really pin point one person. We have so many incredible people we’ve worked with over the years that have all made their mark on us both as people and as artists. I’m so grateful to everyone we’ve ever worked with, because each of them were so important to the whole journey for us.

When will your next live performance be?

Right now we’re planning a trip around the world (we’re running away to Europe and Africa for a month) but we have an EP release party planned for when we return, featuring some incredible local artists.

Your originally from Dallas, but now residing in Orlando, what inspired your move to Orlando?

After living in Sweden for 2 years and having some incredible experiences, Nik and I decided to come back to the USA, which was always and has been home for both of us. When we thought about where to go it was tough, because Dallas has such an incredible musical atmosphere and some of our favourite people in the world are there. Though after living right on the ocean for 2 years I realized I longed to stay near the water, and so we decided to take a leap and set sights on Orlando. We immediately got signed to a booking agency and then just bought a plane ticket. It all happened pretty fast.

Can you describe the differences in the Dallas and Orlando music scene?

Honestly each scene is so powerful in it’s own way, and it’s really hard to compare because they are so different. I adored the Dallas music scene (and miss it constantly) but I had had some of my best experiences as an artist here in Orlando, so there really is incredible parts to both. Although we still collaborate with the Dallas music scene constantly, there are some pretty incredible musicians here hidden among the palm trees we love joining forces with.

What’s something no one knows about you?

In some ways I am an open book, but in others I think I’m very reserved. If someone wants to know anything about me though, it’s all in the music. Things I wouldn’t dare say out loud seep out in melodies and lyrics in my music, which is both terrifying and empowering. That’s why I think music is so powerful, it can be so telling. Even things you try and hide from yourself, you can’t hide it from your music. It is you. It’s all of you, even the parts you wouldn’t dare acknowledge otherwise.

Anything else you’d like to discuss?
We are so grateful to Ashley for being one of the first people to ever support our music. As artists, people like Ashley are a life giving force. Thank you for what you have created in MIOW. Keep fighting the good fight and keep supporting local. We love you!