The History of Josey Records – Everything You Need to Know

In an era when digital downloads and streaming have overtaken physical music sales, a growing number of music lovers are seeking a tangible connection with their favorite tunes. Leading this vinyl renaissance is Josey Records, a record store that has managed to evolve with the times while still preserving the magic of the past.

From its humble beginnings in Dallas, Texas, to its expansion into a global brand, Josey Records has become a beacon for music enthusiasts, offering an immersive experience unlike any other.

In this article, we delve into the fascinating history of Josey Records, exploring its origins, growth, and cultural impact while shedding light on its contribution to the current vinyl revival and its vision for the future.

Setting the Stage


Before delving into the story of Josey Records, we must first set the stage. This section will explore the socio-cultural context that played a critical role in the birth of Josey Records.

The Musical Renaissance: The 1960s and 70s

The 1960s and 70s were a time of unprecedented change and a new kind of cultural revolution. Music was at the heart of this transformation, serving as both a reflection of societal changes and a catalyst for them.

The 1960s and 70s were marked by an explosion of creativity in music. From the Beatles to the Rolling Stones, from soul to funk, from jazz to rock ‘n’ roll, this period saw the birth of countless iconic bands and genres. In this vibrant musical environment, the seeds for Josey Records were sown.

Amid this musical renaissance, there was also a revolution in the way people consumed music. Vinyl records were the primary medium of music consumption, with record stores becoming cultural hubs. This cultural flux and innovation atmosphere provided the perfect backdrop for the birth of Josey Records.

Founding Josey Records: The First Steps


The founding of Josey Records was a significant event, bringing a new dimension to the music scene. This section explores the early days of this iconic establishment, tracing its humble beginnings and the vision of its founders.

From a small store in Dallas, Texas, Luke Sardello and Waric Cameron began Josey Records in 2014. Both were passionate about music; their mission was to create a space that celebrated the magic of vinyl, the essence of music culture, and the communal experience that a record store could provide.

Their journey was not without challenges. The music industry was amidst a transition, with digital streaming gaining popularity. Yet, they held firm to their belief in the allure of physical records. They curated an impressive collection boasting thousands of records across various genres. Josey Records was more than a store—it was a reflection of Luke and Waric’s love for music.

The Growth

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After its inception, Josey Records experienced significant growth. Its vision resonated with music lovers, transforming the store into a global brand.

The Expansion

Within a few years of its founding, Josey Records started expanding beyond Dallas. The founders knew that their concept — a haven for music lovers and vinyl enthusiasts — had the potential to resonate with a wider audience.

They first expanded within Texas, opening another location in Farmers Branch in 2017. Their success in Texas led to further expansion, with stores opening in Tulsa, Kansas City, and beyond. Each new location carried the same ethos: a celebration of music, community, and vinyl.

The Global Impact

Josey Records’ success wasn’t confined to the United States. Their concept struck a chord with music lovers around the world, leading to an unexpected development: international expansion.

In 2019, they made their first foray into the international scene, opening a store in Johannesburg, South Africa. Their success overseas reflected the universal appeal of their ethos – music is a language that transcends boundaries. Today, Josey Records has cemented its reputation as a global brand that pays homage to the roots of music culture while forging a path into the future.

The Legacy: Influence and Contribution

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Josey Records has become more than just a record store. Over the years, it has grown into a cultural institution, contributing significantly to the music industry and community at large.

Cultivating a Community: More than a Record Store

Josey Records was built on the belief that record stores could be communal spaces. They aimed to create an environment where music lovers could gather, discuss, and explore the vast world of music together.

They achieved this through various initiatives. From hosting local bands for in-store performances to providing a platform for local artists to sell their records, they created a vibrant community hub. Their annual ‘Record Store Day’ celebration became a cultural event in its own right, bringing together music enthusiasts from all walks of life.

Contributing to the Vinyl Revival

Josey Records has played a significant role in the ‘Vinyl Revival’ – a resurgence in the popularity of vinyl records. Despite the rise of digital streaming, they demonstrated that there is still a strong appetite for physical records.

They emphasized the unique experience that vinyl offers: the tangible connection with music, the joy of browsing through stacks of records, and the thrill of discovering hidden gems. Their commitment to this format has helped inspire a new generation of vinyl enthusiasts and contributed to a worldwide resurgence in vinyl sales.

The Future: Josey Records in the Digital Age

In an era where digital streaming dominates music consumption, Josey Records continues to thrive. This section explores their adaptability and vision for the future.

Adapting to Change

In the face of digital music consumption, Josey Records has successfully adapted while staying true to its roots. They recognize the convenience of streaming but champion the unique experience that vinyl records offer.

They’ve embraced online sales, reaching customers who might not have access to their physical stores. They’ve also integrated technology into their in-store experience, offering a modern take on the traditional record store. Through these adaptations, they’ve struck a balance between honoring tradition and embracing progress.

A Vision for the Future

As Josey Records looks to the future, their focus remains steadfast: fostering a love for music and vinyl. They plan to continue their expansion, bringing their unique blend of culture, community, and music to more cities around the world.

In addition, they aim to further their community involvement, offering more opportunities for local musicians, artists, and music lovers. With a successful past and a bright future, Josey Records is set to continue its journey, sharing the joy of music with the world.


Where is Josey Records located?

The main store is located at 2821 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy, Ste 100, 75234, Dallas, Texas. They also have satellite stores in Kansas City and Tulsa.

When was Josey Records established?

It was first established as a record store in 2014.

Who owns Josey Records?

It is owned by Waric Cameron and Luke Sardello.

What is the size of the Josey Records store?

The sprawling store in Dallas covers a massive 16,000 square feet area.

What kind of music can I find at Josey Records?

The store has a near-infinite supply of records. They stock over a million titles, covering just about every genre you could ever imagine.

What else does Josey Records offer besides music?

Apart from music, they also sell apparel, movies, TV shows, books, video games, and turntables. They also offer gift cards and have a selection of sweatshirts and hoodies.

What is the connection between Josey Records and Andre 3000?

Josey Records has been unofficially ‘endorsed’ by Andre 3000, which is considered a significant seal of approval in the music industry.

How can I contact Josey Records?

You can contact them via email at [email protected] or by phone at their various locations. The Dallas store can be reached at 972-243-2039.

Final Words

The history of Josey Records is a testament to the enduring power of music, the appeal of vinyl, and the importance of community. It’s a reminder that, despite changing trends and technologies, there will always be a place for spaces that celebrate music, culture, and connection. And it’s a story that is still being written, with each new record spun in one of their stores adding another note to their rich symphony.

As music continues to evolve, so too will Josey Records, always staying true to its mission: to share the love of music with the world. As we’ve seen, they’ve come a long way from their humble beginnings in Dallas. With their innovative approach, it will be exciting to see where the music takes them next.

While Josey Records has played a pivotal role in the music retail landscape, there are countless artists who have left indelible marks on the industry. If you’re curious about the journey of such artists, you might find the story of Andrea Martin particularly intriguing.